Ross Davis, Builder

After the breakup of my marriage of 22 years, I felt my life was over. Depression, confusion and anger were taking over. Then thankfully, I was introduced to Larayne Porter and the workshop series of You Can Heal and Your Life Patterns. Through this, my life has changed remarkably for the better. I have new skills enabling me to deal with the past and rebuild a new life which I once thought was not possible. I now have direction and purpose and see things very differently. Another positive was strengthening my relationships with my three adolescent sons. Larayne, I cannot thank you enough. You have shown me how to turn my life around.


Rodney Fisher, BA Engineering, (Structural)

You Can Heal has been the biggest life changing experience. It has changed everything I see and feel, and everything I have absorbed is more beneficial to my life. It is the greatest journey.


Georg Povaly, Events Manager

I have been searching for the answers to life's big questions for most of my life. I can say with certainty that I don't need to search any more. You Can Heal not only provided the answers to those questions, it also gave me insights into why I was searching in the first place. The course and its easy to follow processes are a powerful way to not only gain insights into the source of my beliefs, but to also dispel the emotional attachment surrounding beliefs I didn't want to face. This makes it so much easier to deal with issues and life's challenges.